For the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015, SsangYong prepared an interesting hybrid SUV, hinting perhaps at how the current Korando crossover could be reinterpreted as the fourth iteration of the successful vehicle brand.

XAV-Adventure illustrates the future direction of compact SUVs produced by SsangYong, which has, in its own way, already been demonstrated with Tivoli. Its body shape resembles the iconic chunky, robust style of the masculine 4x4 'trucks' from the times past. The interior design is kept simple, yet spacious and widely practical. The prevailing color scheme is a blend of black and natural brown colors, creating a contemporary and luxurious ambiance. Storage compartment in the rear door enables you to store away of all those extra tiny little items needed for a leisure activity trip, while the convertible canvas roof draws you closer to the natural surroundings and lets you enjoy the 'open top' driving experience.

The current concept is available with the choice of 1.6 litre diesel or 1.6 litre petrol engines, combined with a hybrid electric E-4WD system, which comprises a 10 kW electric motor/generator in the front and two 30 kW electric motors in the rear, powered by a 2.1 kWh lithium ion battery. The system offers two driving modes, hybrid fuel economy mode and hybrid performance mode, backed by secure off-road and urban driving. The XAV-Adventure offers a high ground clearance and good ramp break-over angle, and is capable of water-wading and climbing steep gradients. Additional safety feautre are the run flat tyres, with the tyre pattern suitable for on and off road driving.

XAV-Adventure also features the SsangYong 3S-CUBE system with a special sensing device, which together with a smart motion control system, electric air suspension and 'stereo vision', automatically determines the road conditions and accordingly adjusts the suspension for optimised ride comfort. On rough terrain, the suspension adjusts itself to make the ride softer while during high-speed driving, the suspension becomes firmer to increase car control by lowering the vehicle's ride-height to prevent roll and pitch.

Sept. 22, 2015 Driving photo: SsangYong

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