Elon Musk and The Boring Company believe that the future of transport lies beneath, not above the ground.


While it may sound funny, it's a very legit name of Tesla and SpaceX CEO's latest enterprise. The Boring Company and Elon Musk recently introduced their fresh concept of future underground car travel that sees a series of tunnels built under Los Angeles to enable people to travel faster and avoid traffic. One of the reasons they started thinking about moving their future travel plans underground is the fact that buzzing flying cars above people's heads wouldn't really do much to comfort the people and parts of them could even fall on pedestrians below them, as Musk said in his latest TED talk.

In the introduction video below you can see the cars would park themselves on a designated parking spot, which is actually a kind of an elevator/sled that would descend, carrying the vehicle, to the busy freeway network below the ground. Once below, the sled would travel with the car on its own track, eventually merging with other tracks and tunnels. The sled would travel at speeds of 200 kph and lift the car back up to the surface once the destination is reached.

This way, longer trips around the city could be shortened, with passengers saving on travel time by avoiding traditional heavy traffic. In a nutshell, you could still drive around your city, but in cases when you'd need to travel from, let's say Ljubljana to Vienna, you could easily doze off in your vehicle, while it takes you on a quick journey beneath the ground. 

The problem with this vision is, of course, how would governments tackle the financial side of the project, when many already struggle to keep up with maintaining the current road system. 

But Musk is Musk and he doesn't give up easily. The Boring Company is already digging the first tunnels in California to demonstrate just how great his idea really is.

By the way, it is a well-known fact that Musk is quite a fan of tunnels - even so much, he is now turning to fans on Twitter, asking them to come up with a proper name for the Boring Company's first tunneling machine. One of Musk's own propositions was "Ultimate Boring Machine, the Second." Have you got any suggestions?

May 8, 2017 Driving photo: The Boring Company/YouTube Screenshot

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