It also has a 300 kilometers of range and can be rechared in little more than an hour.

Hyundai’s mission in the world of electric personal vehicles is half way done. They have presented every kind of hybrid, they have presented proper electric car and even have a fuel cell-powered car in the catalogue. It is thus time to make a next step and offer a solution for transporting masses in a clean, sustainable way. And they have a solution.

Meet Electric Double-Decker Bus. There is no fancy name here yet, but there is a solution for 70 passengers: that is the number of person it can take on a single ride with of them sitting in the first floor and 59 on second. And two impaired passengers with their wheelchairs if they need a ride. What is more impressive is that, as mentioned, Hyundai’s first attempt to make an electric bus and also one of the first double decker out there.

What is more impressive is it technical data. 12,990 mm long and 3,995 mm high bus is powered a 240kW wheel motor axle combined with a motor in the second axle that minimizes loss of electricity. Power for the pack is provided by a with a whopping 384 kWh water-cooled high-efficiency polymer battery. This is good for 300 kilometers of autonomy, which can be, once batteries depleted, on a fast charger returned in just 72 hours.

"The double-decker electric bus is an environmentally friendly vehicle optimized for global eco-friendly trends," said ByoungWoo Hwang, Head of Commercial Vehicle Advanced Engineering team at Hyundai Motor. "This will not only ultimately improve the air quality, but also contribute greatly to easing commuting hour traffic congestion by accommodating more passengers."

May 29, 2019 Driving photo: Hyundai

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