Toyota is supporting a first hydrogen powered ship which is bound to circle the wolrd, electric catamaran Energy Observer, which uses a combination of renewable energy source and system which produces hydrogen from sea water.

During its voyage around the World, which started in 2017 in French Saint-Malo and is planned to end in 2020 just in time of the Olympic Games in Tokio, catamaran will show the potentials of production and storage of energy from alternative renewable energy sources without unwanted emissions and fine particles.

In the heart of Energy Observer is hydrogen, which is also the reason why Toyota took part in the project. As we already know, the Japanese car producer has much experience with this alternative energy source. The ship is covered with solar panels which produce electricity, which is used to produce hydrogen from sea water with pure oxygen as a byproduct, which is in turn used to produce electricity for electric motors and additional energy on-board consumers in fuel cells. As they claim, hydrogen has many advantages as a mean of energy storage compared to electric batteries, especially related to weight savings.

The adventure will be human and technological endeavor. On one side the technology on board will be tested under very extreme conditions, and on the other side the crew under the leadership of Victorien Erussard and Jerome Delafosse will have a chance to search for solutions for energy and ecologic changes in our lives.

July 2, 2018 Driving photo: Toyota

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