Vehicle will start visiting European cities from mid-2020.


While most popular among all, electricity is not the only source of clean energy that we could use in the future. There is also Hydrogen and while it may so far, as an energy source be quite expensive, there are companies already, that still believe hydrogen is a solution for the future. Among those is also Toyota, which, after Mirai is now preparing to test hydrogen-powered bus.

Sure, Toyota is not the first manufacturer, that introduced hydrogen-powered bus to public, but any such attempt of one of the major car manufacturer is a welcome sight to see. Aspecially this one, which has been announced last year in september, along with Toyota's partner CaetanoBus SA . Few days ago, first vehicle has finally been presented to public at Busworld 2019 in Brussels .

„Thanks to their longstanding relationship with Toyota, their understanding of market requirements and their technical capabilities, CaetanoBus was the ideal partner to start the development of our powertrain sales activities in Europe. I look forward to receiving the first market feedback from this initiative and the expansion of our supply business of hydrogen fuel cell technology,“ said dr. Johan van Zyl, president and Ceo at Toyota motors Europe.

Toyota is planning to start the testing phase in mid 2020, driving the vehicle around different Europena cities.Also, they have revealed, that it is going to be equipped 5 hydrogen tanks with a total capacity of 37.5 kg, giving the bus a range of up to 400km. What is even better is, that it will only take nine minutes to fill those tanks to fullcapacity, which is comparable to the time, needed to fill the bus with diesel fuel. One more reason to make it to reality then.

Oct. 20, 2019 Driving photo: Toyota

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