The car was put in autonomous mode seconds before the accident.

Tesla, American manufacturer of electric cars has been one of the first around to present and offer autonomous drive to customers. In fact, all of the cars, currently being offered by Tesla can be equipped with this function that enables one to leave the car completely to be controlled by itself. However, there are several known cases when the system failed. The consequences where fatal – at least two people lost life in following accident when this happened.

Two days another accident occurred as a cause of failed autonomous system. Luckily, this time the victim of the crash was not a human being, but an autonomous robot, which happened to stride on the road seconds before Tesla Model S came around the corner. The car, having just been put in autonomous mode, failed to recognize the robot. Instead it hit it hard enough that the robot than fell on the ground.

According to manufacturer of the robot, Promobot – who is not sure, why machine suddenly steered on the road – said, that the particular robot was one of those, planned to be used on this year’s CES. Instead, according to initial estimations, robot’s arms, head, base, body and inner mechanics are too damaged to be salvageable.

Later, ‘driver’ of Tesla, George Caldera also commented the unfortunate incident, saying the car was indeed in the autonomous mode when it hit the robot. He also added that he had seen the robot standing on the side of the road but was confident that the car is going to be able to avoid it on its own. Nevada police is still investing the incident.

Jan. 8, 2019 Driving photo: Tesla

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