New services will be offered by the German automotive giant in the framework of Elli Group, which was established last week.


Volkswagen, which, in line with the moves from recent years), is actively taking a path to the dominance in the electric car market, is preparing a number of solutions for charging and supplying electricity for vehicles and homes, all gathered together in the frame of the new company, which they called Elli (shortened from Electric life). The purpose of the company is to become the largest provider of sustainable mobility solutions.

Elli should first of all offer various solutions for charging electric cars at home, where most drivers usually charge their electric cars. In addition, in particular, more efficient chargers will allow the storage of excess electricity generated from solar cells in cars, and then, if necessary, to return it to the electricity network.

The focus will not be only on the solutions for individuals, but also for companies and, last but not least, Volkswagen's sales outlets. Interested companies will thus be offered the opportunity to purchase charging stations for staff, and they will significantly increase the number of charging points in their own car parks (in front of factories, offices, etc.), with 4,000 additional charging points in front of their (and partner) outlets and services in the EU until 2020.

Jan. 14, 2019 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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