Hyundai's four-door , premium hybrid sports sedan concept Genesis was revealed at the New York International Auto Show, introducing a rival to premium mid-range class automobiles, such as BMW 3 Series or Mercedes-Benz C-class. 

Its 'sporty and agile nature' is displayed by the hybrid powertrain, including a 2.0 T-GDi engine 245ps hybrid with 8-speed automatic transmission. Genesis did not reveal any specific data on the power and the number of electric motors or the battery capacity, and next to nothing has been said about the car's performance.

Gensis, however, did speak about the »modern view of luxury, contrasting innovative electronics against finely-crafted materials.« This view can be observed, for instance, in sedan's full leather interior and a floating 21-inch curved 4K display that incorporates driver instruments and multimedia functions. The open steering wheel design is ergonomically formed to facilitate visibility of the instruments while enhancing handling control.

One of frequntely talked about features is also the new HMI (Human Machine Interface) concept based on a huge high resolution curved display, a Central Control Panel with 3D geometry that is ergonomically optimized for usability and responds to intuitive single- and multi-touch finger swipes, while also enabling handwriting recognition and circular finger movements, which can be quite scrolling through a very long music playlist. 3D gesture-control enables passenger to move contenet from one part of the screen to the other just with swipe of an arm.

March 29, 2016 Driving photo: Genesis

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