The watercraft Q2 cannot suffer the same fate as the Titanic, the manufacturers say.

On the road a distance of 100 kilometers with a four-wheeled electric vehicle will cost you around 1 euro. We can now travel just as cheap on water. The company Quadrofoil developed an electric and ecological personal watercraft Q2, that has 0 emissions, is extremely quiet due to its electric propulsion system and on top of that makes very small waves or non at all. The Q2 is designed to be driven in ecological zones, lakes and also on sea. But only when the waves are smaller than half a meter.

The astoundingly aesthetic watercraft has an aeordynamic design and four (underwater) foils. These make the watercraft lift above the water while in motion, which enables it to reach a higher speed (up to 40 km/h) and also improves the motor's efficiency. You steer it with a steering wheel – that has an LCD touchscreen installed, displaying the speed, battery usage, distance and other useful information.

Two versions are available: the Q2A and the Q2S. The first one comes with a price of 15 thousand euro, a motor with 3,7 kW of power and a battery with a capacity of 4,5 kWh. The Q2S, which has a motor with 5,5 kW of power and a battery with the capacity of 10 kWh, comes with a price of 22 thousand euro. With the latter you can travel up to 100 kilometers with a fully charged battery.

July 2, 2015 Living photo: Quadrofoil

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