Ljubljana, European Green Capital 2016, has entered the eighth month of the green year, which is thematically devoted to sustainable tourism.

The free programme at the information point Point.For You. in front of the City Hall will be coordinated by Ljubljana Tourism, but activities will also take place in this month green ambassador city districts of Rožnik, Šentvid and Bežigrad.

Ljubljana, European Green Capital 2016, according to the European Commission made the biggest changes to the quality of life in the shortest period. Already in 2007, with the strategy "Vision Ljubljana 2025", the Slovenian capital embarked on the path of sustainable development, within which we have been pursuing the objective - to ensure an even higher quality of life for all our citizens in a green, safe, clean and orderly city.

This title has great significance for the City of Ljubljana, because it places it on the European and world map of sustainable cities. Ljubljana is also the only city in central and south-eastern Europe, which has received this prestigious title.

The mission of sustainable tourism is to reduce the adverse effects on the environment and the people and have a positive impact on the entire local environment. Restricting the city centre to pedestrians and cyclists only and many other green changes made in Ljubljana in recent years are crucial for the development of sustainable tourism.

Ljubljana Tourism, together with the Municipality of Ljubljana and other stakeholders, is preparing a series of green activities and numerous experiences at the information point Point.For You. with which visitors can enrich their leisure time. Follow the program here.

Aug. 3, 2016 Living photo: MOL

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