Is charging your phone with electricity from your flowers even an option? Well, Arkyne Technologies thinks it is.

Bioo Lite was developed by Arkyne Technologies, a Barcelona-based company specialising in the innovation of renewable energies, telecommunication hardware and software development. But what exactly is it?

In short, Bioo Lite is a plant pot that charges your phone with electricity from plants' photosynthesis. The plants are capable of supplying us with the greenest and cleanest energy possible. 

Bioo Lite provides constant electricity supply - during the day as well as during the night, meaning it has great potential to set up a completely new way of charging your electronic devices, while at the same time helping the environment by reducing our daily electricity consumption. Electricity plugs are no longer required, as all you need is a neat flower pot with your favourite plant inside. You can put your Bioo Lite plant wherever you like. It comes with an easily accessible usb socket, which you use to connect your device.

Developers explain how the green charging device works: "The magic happens inside the plant pot, where energy created by the plant´s biological elements expelled after photosynthesis is transferred for our use in form of electricity. This matter is produced with or without Bioo, it is simply part of the essential process of photosynthesis in which every plant has to take part to live. The process inludes a chemical and biological hybrid cell. This combination is vital to stabilize the system. This way, we are not forcing the plant to do or create anything else rather than what it always makes. It does not harm the plant in any way, either the technology or the process applied, and so environment is also a great winner from the implementation of this revolutionary technology. Furthermore, our system is self-regenerating. It is able to take the energy produced in the soil surrounding the roots of the plant and transfer it as electricity using its leading and efficient process."

The larger (standard) version is simply called Bioo and is based on 100x100x25cm panels from which plants will be able to grow, producing from 3 to over 40 watts depending on the plant type and cares given. 

The company hopes to "really turn upside down the renewable energy industry nowadays" as well as "prove everybody how efficient it [their product] can really be."  Afterall, this does seem to be the cleanest energy possible, with zero impact on environment, creating a rather perfect energy source.

To get the word out and support Bioo, head over to Indiegogo and help them reach the global market.

May 8, 2016 Living photo: Arkyne Technologies

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