Louis Masai Michel, an artist who is on a mission to paint bees on London street walls to raise awareness about the planet's dwindling bee population. He hopes to challenge people to think about their relationship towards the natural world. 


We could call him an environmental street artist. With his art friend Jim Vision and a little help from a spray can, these guys' message to the world is: Save the bees! No Bees, No Food!

They want you take notice about the colony collapse disorder. In Great Britain, entire colonies are disappearing without any solid reason. Well, there are theories, mostly concerning pesticide ingredients. 

Their big bees are bringing messages like "When we go, we're taking you all with us!" But the project didn't end on walls. They organised Save the Bees family day. "We also provided a platform where we could hand out all of the wildflower seeds we got from Thompson and Morgans, which meant that a large number of people were walking away with bags of seeds in their hands to plant and make a real difference, no matter how small, to providing a better environment for bees to flourish," wrote Michel for Bored Panda. 

They're using the hashtag #savethebees as a call to action. The murals have become wildly popular in the English capital, and have since spread to Bristol, Glastonbury, Croatia, New York and even Miami and New Orleans.

Sept. 14, 2015 Living photo: Louis Masai Michel

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