Kyle Hagey believes that the protagonists of the legendary sci-fi saga - known to Earthlings as Star Wars - deserve a mini break. So, he set them off on a... well, a Sound of music kind of vacation.


Hagey created a series of very 'Being Human' portraits, where the Dark Father (well, Mr. Vader to us) and Co. aren't chasing each other all over the galaxy far, far away - instead, they are simply having a nice cup of tea, hanging out with the birds, daydreaming amidst the flowers. Did you seriously believe a Jedi never takes a vacation break? 

We have no idea, where on Earth (or Naboo, perhaps?) Hagey drew inspiration from, but the result is pretty hilarious and we love it.

Portraits can be found at Etsy.

Sept. 2, 2015 Living photo: Kyle Hagey

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