Far away from all the tourists who swarm Kärntnerstraße, you'll find a little bit of the "old Vienna" here. 


Apart from fair fashion, Vienna also offers sustainable pleasure. From the trendy restaurant to natural food shops to the wine tavern – organic delights attract. One of them can be found in Annagasse 12 in the first district: "Cristina Rojik ­-  Die Biowirtin".

Quite and charming restaurant, owned by Cristina Rojik and her husband Werner, is the first 100% certified organic restaurant in Europe and boasts a hundred percent organic cuisine, made with fresh ingredients and slowly cooked to reveal the 'real' flavours of the food. "I was borne in Romania and grew up on my grandparents' farm. When I come to marry  my husband whom I met in the seventies in Bucharest, an Austria business man and former heavy weight boxing champion of Austria, I was always missing the original taste of the tomatoes and vegetables I was used to by my grandparents. That's why I have decided to open  a restaurant offering only top ­quality organic products," explain Christina, while cooking in her restaurant where you get a little of Mediterranean feeling. Maybe just because of the olive trees. 

Her menu features a selection of creative, international culinary delights - organic bread, vegetable from small austrian gardeners and selected farmers as well as organic meet and wild caught fish. "95% of the organic wines come from Austria's top winemakers. Naturally the rye beer from Gusswerk in Salzburg is also organic and wine lovers will find an excellent choice of orange wines (natural wines which are white wines produced like red wines ­ grapes and fermented with their skins and stay then in oak barrels for some years). "

Completely unique among Europe's gourmet restaurants they've been serving 100% organic cuisine for seven years now.   While there, don't miss Cristinas chocolate­ almonds cake without flour and with chocolate containing  80% cacao. One of the reason's that you'll be back.                   

Did you know that Vienna is Austria's largest producer of fruit and vegetables with a yield of 43,000 tons per year? For example, 52% of all cucumbers and 37% of all tomatoes come from Viennese farms!

Aug. 6, 2016 Living photo: Katja Štingl

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