This Bangkok Tree House resort is a masterpiece of sustainable design.


The Bangkok Tree House is one of the few green hotels by the river, just a few miles from the bustling streets of central Bangkok.  It was conceived by 36-year-old Jirayu Tulyanond, who wanted to see how far can one go to create a comfortable retreat relying on sustainable design.

"Our house is made of bamboo, which is sustainable as well as beautiful, that is why you see a lot of it in the Bangkok Tree House's wall, floors and even ceiling. Our solar cookers offer for tastier meals because the slow and even rise of temperature allows subtle natural flavors to emerge. Organic vegetables are grown on the green roof of the hotel, to provide the kitchen with fresh produce all year round while help keeping your room cold," is how they promote it. 

At the Bangkok Tree House, 100% of our outdoor lights and restaurant lights are powered by wind and solar energy, they don't sell or serve plastic bottled water and to grow their plants, flowers, and fruits they use collected rainwater. Hotel is also vegan friendly, and when you check-in, your iPhone checks-out: they'll provide a 15% "digital-detox" discount for who can leave their crackberries - or any mobile phone for that matter. Green heaven, isn't it? 

Feb. 8, 2016 Living photo: Bangkok Tree House

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