Disposable tableware we normally use tend to be made from either plastics or some other non-biodegradable material, causing irreversible damage to our environment once we throw them away. In response, Michela Milani and Italian design company WhoMade created Foodscapes, a collection of biodegradable tableware made from leftover food. 

It is most likey that you usually do not wish to keep the remains of what used to be your pasta or baked beans, Michela Milani and WhoMade beg to differ. They actually gather uneaten food and transform it into what someone might even call art. Their Foodscapes, plates or bowls made of food scrapes, can hold your bread or other dry food. Just don't pour soup in there.

The designers claim they did not use any additives, preservatives, colorants, thickeners, correctors, and artificial agents in the product prototypes, which were mostly made out of either carrot peels or peanut shells. After you've eaten breakfast (out of your former breakfast, so to say), the plate or the bowl can actually be dissolved in water. What's left of it can be added to soil in your vegi garden to enrich it.

A number of companies are tackling the issue of disposable plates and cutlery that we often use on camping trips or garden parties, but next to none have so far made functional use of thrown-away food. From now on, whenever we leave something on our dinner plate, we'll recognize its full potential.

July 13, 2015 Living photo: Whomade

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