Soon they will introduce a new button.

Can you even give a rough estimate of how many times you saw a horrible post (either something looked horrific or it was jsut something you strongly disagreed with) on someones' Facebook profile? Was it a shared picture, a quote, am article, maybe a video? Until now, you were pretty much forced into agreeing with everyone's posts by 'liking' them by clicking that famed 'Like button' or, yes, you could just simply ignore them. Literally millions of facebook users were wondering why is there no dislike button or something alternative to instantly express sadness, anger or disagreement with someone's post. For example, if your friend posted someone just passed away or offered you a photo of his flooded house, what did you do? Did you 'like' it? That would just be silly. Well, that is all about to change in the near future, says Mark Zuckerberg, the father of Facebook.

He announced recently that he and his team are working on a feature you might call a dislike button, but as it seems, it is going to be called something else: "People have been asking about that for many years. And now I can finally say that we are working on it." He explained they did not want to simply make a dislike button, making a (down)voting feature out of it. "We don't want that," he said and added that he understands people wanting to be able to express their sympathy or support. With this team they already have an theory on how to reach their goal, however it's all (in Mark's own words) surprisingly complicated.

Soon they are going to test their solution and if all goes well, you will soon be seeing something else placed next to the Like button. It was about time, was it not? Your thoughts?

Townhall Q&A: September 15, 2015

"Here’s the video from today’s Townhall Q&A at Facebook. People from around the world asked questions about education, science, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, my future daughter and of course the dislike button. It was great to hear everyone’s questions and feedback. Thanks for watching!"

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday, September 15, 2015
Sept. 17, 2015 Living photo: Facebook

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