Dogs quite like to get lost. And finding them afterwards is not easy. Yes, we know: you can tag your dog with a simple tag on the collar with name and phone number. But that's so last century ...


You could also use a tag with a GPS tracker, but have to charge battery every few days and pay the subscription service. Now you have another option: a simple NFC/QR tag that is practically indestructible, light and cheap. It's called and there's no subscription and no charging. The tag has an NFC chip inside and anyone with NFC-compatible smartphone can scan it, and the phone will call the owner's phone number as entered in database. For smartphones without full NFC capability (like iPhones) there's a QR code on the tag together with a unique identifier that can be entered on webpage – both option will again alert the dog owner that the dog has ben found.

Aug. 9, 2016 Living

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