Paris Navigating Gym with human powertrain and a view to remember.


Italian architects Carlo Ratti Associati describe the result of their joint venture (collaborating with the fitness equipment manufacturer Technogym, the non-profit architecture group Terreform ONE and the urban regeneration institute URBEM) as "a fitness vessel that moves along the Seine River by harnessing energy from passengers' workout." 

Paris Navigating Gym project is a human-powered, a 20-meter long fitness vessel. The Gym gets all the energy it needs to float along the river, when passengers (up to 45 at a time) exercise on Technogym's ARTIS machines, such as ARTIS bikes and cross trainers. These are designed in a way that enables them to harness human energy, which can later be used for various purposes - in this case, to power a Gym Boat. 

Inside the boat with a transparent glass covering that can be opened in the summer for the passengers to enjoy the view are augmented-reality screens that display how much energy is being sourced from the workout. On top of that, it also shows data about the Seine's environmental conditions. All information is gathered and displayed in real time with the help of incorporated sensors.

"The Paris Navigating Gym investigates the potential of harnessing human power, at the same time producing a new urban experience and envisioning ways to further integrate the river in the city's mobility infrastructure," explain the architects.

Dec. 15, 2016 Living photo: Carlo Ratti Associati

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