What happens when two legends join forces, i.e. the Leica camera factory and the Italian Zagato design studio? The answer is prestige binoculars Leica Ultravid 8x32 'Edition Zagato'.


The Leica Ultravid 8x32 'Edition Zagato' binoculars will be manufactured in a limited batch of 1000 items. The product features top optics embodying premium quality and craftsmanship as well as the values and tradition of both companies.

The housing of the exclusive binoculars is made of quality aluminium in which hundreds of refined grooves have been carved, thus producing an exterior surface of outstanding appearance and secure grip. The front lenses are affixed with red anodised rings that have the Zagato name carved in. To round off the product, Zagato designed a sophisticated case with a matching carrying strap and hand strap made of original Italian leather.

The prestigious character of binoculars is naturally also reflected in its price. You can buy a pair of these binoculars in selected Leica stores for some €3500.

Aug. 19, 2015 Living photo: Leica

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