At Manner, a line of confectionery from Austria, they developed a special procedure which allows industrial waste heat from Manner's process of manufacturing Neapolitaner wafers to be fed into the local heating network and used to provide heat to 600 surrounding households and businesses.


Manner has recently announced that it is investing 40 million euros in building its new factory. The manufacturing grounds are to be enlarged by a third, while modernizing the company's processes is to make Manner more energy efficient and capable of producing a much larger amount of wafers. 

Baking the wafers creates hot air at the back of the industrial stove. It then gathers in pipes and makes its way up to the roof, where a device is set up to heat collected water. The hot water is later used to produce energy (which is also used for cooling) for the entire facility, while the waste heat is fed to the local heating network operated by Wien Energie. This way, 1 Megawatt will be enough to keep around 600 surrounding homes warm all year long.  

Wien Energie built all the necessary infrastructure at Manner on its own costs. "Cooperation between the traditional Viennese company Manner and Wien Energie is a prime example of creating innovative energy solutions in our city. The people as well as the environment will benefit from this project, as Vienna is expected to save 1.5m tons of CO2 emissions every year," according to Ulli Sima, Councillor of the City of Vienna for Environmental Affairs. 

Oct. 19, 2016 Living photo: Manner

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