Although the virtual reality goggles are getting better and better, many still find such immersion in the world of games and films lacking. More senses need to be included in the experience, not just eyes and ears.

This opinion is shared by the company Feelreal, where they have created a virtual reality helmet and a special mask that allows us to smell the virtual enviroments as well. The company's leaders say that these two devices will include both smell and touch, completely immersing us in the game's world.

The Feelreal VR mask is worn on the lower part of the face and we can add virtual reality goggles such as Oculus Rift on top of it. The mask features a smell generator with seven replaceable cartridges. By mixing, the latter produce smells that match the game being played, or film currently watched. The mask also features a miniature heating and cooling system, allowing you to feel the heat or the wind, while the haptic force feedback engines provide the feeling of raindrops on your face. A microphone for online games is also built in.

June 21, 2017 Living photo: Feelreal

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