In Morocco, an abandoned church was transformed into a gloriously decorated tribute to art, full of colorful illustrations, heavily influenced  by street art.


As a part of the British Council's Street Art Caravane Initiative, the renowned Spanish street artist Okuda San Miguel created an amazing piece of art by transforming a forgotten church into a proper eye-candy painted in bright yellow shade and covered with vivid geometric illustrations of various animal heads, such as that of a bear and a lion. 

The project is called '11 Mirages to Freedom', symoblising the eleven faces on the building. Okuda is known for his huge, rainbow-like murals, but this time he also incorporated shapes, lines and the setting of the exisiting structure in his project, honoring the church's past. Hence, the bars on the windows became bird cages, and the windows became crowns, masks and hats. 

You can check a video on the artist below or follow him on his Instagram account for more amazing art!

Infinite World 2015, a film by Okuda San Miguel from Javier Díaz on Vimeo.

March 18, 2016 Living photo: Ink and Movement via Colossal

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