Italian 3D printer startup WASP has produced a new line of printers for big objects usable in everyday life. The earlier experimentation concerned 1-metres-high objects. Meet the DeltaWASP Pellet 3D printer.


This is a custom made printers line so they are able to modify printers for users necessity. During its growth WASP has overtaken many problems, first of all the choice of filaments. To print big objects is not possible to use filaments with a diameter smaller than the millimeter, because it would need too many days. So WASP create nozzle between 4 and 10 mm in diameter.

A very important company matters the necessity to control costs. Filament prices still hover around 30€ for 1Kg spool, but with row material as grains and PLA pellets the prices hover around 3€ for 1Kg pack. So they resolved the problem making an extruder that works directly with grains, the result is a printer that uses 10kg of material in 8 hours.

So what on earth does one print with a mega-sized 3D printer anyway? Well, the team behind the DeltaWASP Pellet 3D printer started by working with furniture designers with a particular focus on chairs. And as you can see in the line of chairs already produced by the machine, you can see this printer shows promise in what its designed for. ""We are very proud of our results and we expect further evolution. We're materializing a new model of development based on common knowledge," said Massimo Moretti from the team.

Unlike their gargantuan 3D printer, this upcoming Delta 3D printer is getting prepped for commercial release with all the important characteristics of good 3D printing in mind. 

April 30, 2016 Living photo: WASP

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