Nwe and inovative wheelchairs are comming.

It may be a bit weird to talk about them like this is a bit weird, but electric chairs for disabled people, are actually a form of e-mobility, for which most of users would probably not like to have one at all. On the other hand, every attempt to make their life easier should be accepted with open hands. We must thus say, that we quite like Renault’s recent move to join forces with a young company called Nino Robotics.

Nino Robotics is dealing with solutions for those, who have hard times moving on their own since 2014, when the company was formed. However, their goal is not just to enable those, who cannot move around on their own not just to make this simple task possible, but also to make it a unique pleasure. Solutions like Nino, a self-balanced personal carrier and One, a scooter designed for wheelchairs.

Together, both sides have now announced a collaboration as a result of which, e-mobility will become more affordable to those, who cannot afford it due to their disabilities. They have made this happen with the help of Mobilize Invest, an investment company dedicated to projects with a strong social impact. The main goal is to popularize Nino’s next solution, Nino4 electric transporter, that will bring not just more advanced design but also several different functionalities like "Follow Me" function that will allow a third party to guide NINO4.

Pierrick Cornet, Alliance Project Director and mentor of Nino Robotics, said: “Electric, connected and accessible to as many people as possible, Nino Robotics' vision of mobility is in line with Groupe Renault’s strategy and social commitment. As a mentor, my mission is to connect and enlighten the potential links between Nino Robotics and the automotive world, and to facilitate the sharing of experiences... We deeply appreciate this opportunity to promote exchanges between our teams and Nino Robotics: this meets to the ambition of many employees of the Group, including myself, to get involved in actions with a societal objective.”


Dec. 3, 2019 Living photo: Renault

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