Sustainable fashion brand is saving the Earth.


In an effort to infuse environmental responsibility with empathy and respond to the alarming reports about the state of our Earth, Slow Factory has partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to support their preservation work in four different areas: oceans, clean water, forestation and Arctic. In their style of course - with a Petit Atlas collection.

"We created a collection that links us back to our Earth. Each piece contributes to preserving areas of our Earth without which the human race cannot survive," said at Slow Factory. 

"WWF's Living Blue Planet Report finds that the ocean has lost about 50% of its vertebrate populations such as sharks and turtles in under fifty years, but concludes that solutions do exist to turn the tide. We ask a lot of our oceans. Despite their seemingly healthy appearance, the stresses we put on marine animals and coastal regions are taking a huge toll. In many cases, these negative impacts stem from human activity that we can control – or avoid all together," are the words of David Miller, President & CEO of WWF-Canada.

Well, at Slow Factory definitely know how to fuse fashion with social consciousness. For this particular campaign the brand hopes to have at least 1000 people owning a piece from the collection by December. This will help them reach their fundraising goals. You can buy a collection here.

Oct. 2, 2015 Living photo: Slow factory

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