Sonya Baumstein, a daring American sportswoman, departed Choshi in Japan on Sunday and set off on an incredible adventure. She plans to complete a voyage no other woman has completed before her: alone in nothing more than a rowboat Baumstein attempts to cross the Pacific Ocean from Japan to America. There is no sail, no motor and no support vessel with team to rely on.

We already reported about Baumstein's courageous exploit; however, this is when things get real. For weeks, Baumstein waited for suitable weather conditions and finally left the Choshi Marina on Sunday to row solo for staggering 9,000 miles. She will spend over 150 days at sea, not seeing a single living soul, apart from the more or less unpredictable sea creatures.

Why did Baumstein even consider embarking on such a journey? The answer is quite simple. She loves the challenge. "I've worked hard for three years. I think the best part of being on the ocean for such a long time is being able to enjoy the clear, starry nights, which tend to be mesmerizing during this time of the year. I expect the worst thing about this challenge is being wet all the time," Baumstein said before departing.

Even though she is rowing solo, she does have a team providing remote support via GPS and satellite phone. "I believe the sheer drive and willpower is what it takes to get her across," said Andrew Cull, Baumstein's sponsor and founder of Remote Medical International, which provides medical training and equipment to hard-to-reach places.

Baumstein's 24-foot-long carbon boat carries 1,200 pounds of freeze-dried food, 180 high-carbohydrate drink supplements, 60 liters of backup freshwater and a cache of olive oil helping her maintain her weight and strength during the challenge.

You can join Sonya Baumstein on her remarkable journey here. Wishing her fair winds and best of luck!

June 11, 2015 Living photo: Sonya Baumstein

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