Facebook knows all about your age, your sexual orientation, your political and religious beliefs, intelligence, ... And Facebook knows how to use it. 

Would you consider yourself one of the Facebook-is-evil (but-I-still-use-it) people, who publish only a couple of (or even next to none) personal photos, because you try to protect your own privacy as much as you can, yet you love to follow others and 'like' their posts and photos? If you think that makes you 'safe', here's some news for you: you're not. The more 'likes' you hit, the easier it is to make a pretty excellent profile of you and your life.

Michal Kosinski has (while working at the Cambridge University) together with other researchers developed an interesting tool, called Apply Magic Sauce. No, it's not for your pasta. This tool is specifically designed to analyze any user's likes and make a profile of him or her. Based on your likes it can determine what your age is, your gender, your sexual orientation, religion, personal characteristics, IQ, how happy you are with your life and what your political inklings are. Among many other things. Most of these parameters are then displayed in percentages, because no piece of information, obtained in such a manner, is one hundred percent reliable.

If you wish to check just how chitty-chatty your likes really are, click here and prepare yourself to be amazed (or a little shocked): applymagicsauce.com.

So, your plan for future Facebook use? Still liking photos and comments all over the place, or will you try to restrain yourself? 

July 22, 2017 Living

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