Most cameras available today are able to provide pretty excellent HD video content. What's more important now is what you make of your videos later.


The Dutch GPS navigation systems specialist TomTom introduced their brand new 4K Bandit Action Camera (available for 360 EUR) with various built-in GPS and motion sensors (Speed, G-force, Altitude, Rotation, etc) offers 3 hours of non-stop filming with cable-free Batt-stick. It also lets you edit and share your movies instantly, using apps available for both iOS and Android smartphones. Did we mention the camera is waterproof as well?

All you need to do is pair your phone with the camera when you finish a downhill bike ride or a bungee jump; then you just shake your phone a bit and the editing software should automatically select the best moments you recorded with the Bandit and create a 'best of' one-minute video for you to share on social media.

Want to see how it works? Check the video below!

June 29, 2015 Living photo: TomTom

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