In Sweden, a creative duo from JEJacob Sempler and Emil Tiismann, decieded to make traffic signs and put them up to bring attention to a worrying reality of today's tech savvy (or better yet: tech-addicted) generation. 

If one looks around, there will most likely be a number of pedestrians using their smartphones, while they walk down the street. Some will have conversations, some will browse through their apps or send photos of that 'really amazing retro street lamp' they just saw, but the thing they'll all have in common is the fact they have totally emerged themselves into their 'smart' devices. Not a very 'smart' move, though - when something is as distracting as a smartphone, people easily forget what's going on around them... It's not uncommon for someone to stare at their smartphone screen while crossing the road, hardly noticing the car that almost took their life.

Now, in Sweden there are traffic signs by JE, alerting people about the use of smartphones while they are on the streets. The first sign was reportedly put up on Götgatan, which is said to be one of the longest and oldest streets in Stockholm.

Do you think these traffic signs will make any difference, or will people fail to even notice them, because they're too busy checking their smartphones?

Nov. 17, 2015 Living photo: Jacob Sempler

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