Holland's Noun Solar Team, a nine times competitior and winner in all but two of them, took a win also in this year's Bridgestone World Sollar Challenge, which took place in Australia.


Their car Nuna 9 took a lead in its Challenger class and overal already at the start of the race, which took competitors in three classes – Challenger, Cruiser and Adventure – to 3.000 kilometers road stretch in the Australian countryside between Darwin and Adelaide, and also finished the race first ahead of USA's Michigan team in torpedo shaped Novum on the second and Belgian team Punch Powertrain on the third place.

What a good achievement it was is the fact, that race took place in adverse weather condition with wind speeds up top 60 kilometers per hour, which could dangerously affect the drive of cars, but were, as Noun team manager Sander Koot said, turned in their favour. The drivers were instructed, how to position their cars for the wind to help them as they would be sailing ships.

Dutch are domninating also the Cruiser class where the Team Eindhowen is in the lead with the family solar car Stella Vie.

Oct. 13, 2017 Driving photo: Bridgestone Worl Solar Challenge

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