E-caddy is ABT's way to enter electric market

On this year's IAA in Frankfurt we can witness quite a lot of electric concepts and even near-production cars. The shift to electric mobility might have begun and even companies, previously specializing in customizing and tuning petrol-driven cars have now found out where the future is. They are even helping to make this shift happen and among those companies is German ABT.

ABT is well known and respected tuner of Volkswagen-group cars, which particularly likes to transform Audi's and make them look and go even faster has taken on entirely different task - to make an electric car on the base of a Volkswagen Caddy. No exterior modifications, just a new electric drive train. After last year's reveal, the car is now ready to hit the market. and numbers are quite interesting.

The car might become a perfect soluton for city deliveries, considering the reach. Batter pack has a capacity of 37,2 kWh which is around the same as, for instance, Renault ZOE's. Furthermore, top speed is limited on 120 kilometers per hour, making it a bit slow on the highway. Range? Not reveal, but it culd do north of 200 kilometers, depending whether it is fully loaded or not.

Sept. 10, 2019 Driving photo: Jure Šujica

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