Tesla S model was not enough for the LARTE Design car tuning studio so they set about improving it. Their tuning package is called Elizabeta.

Tuners wanted to make a new appearance for the electric car and so they delved into the world of myths, legends and puzzles that have interwoven themselves around the name Nikola Tesla, a man, who gave his name to electric cars. Tesla was also nicknamed by some as the master of flashes, therefore the designers focused mainly towards integrating the image of lightning with smooth body lines whose appearance was only strengthened by massive forged wheel rims. In a similar way they devoted themselves to the interior furnishings and equipment adding a mighty soundscape system to the car which is according to them a better choice for the sporty nature of the sedan with lots of electrical power, compared to the original sound system.

Body accessories and fittings were fashioned from carbon and basalt fibre. Particularly the basalt fibre is very strong and resistant, while at the same time shock-absorbent, thereby increasing the protection against collisions.


May 23, 2015 Driving photo: LARTE Design

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