The plan is to remove the 'IG-L speed limit' for electric cars.

Have you ever drive on the Austrian highway? If your answer is yes, you might have seen a 100 kilometers per hour speed limit on info-boards above the road with letters IG-L next to it. This means, that the speed limit is only temporary, implemented because of the (current) high level of toxic exhausts. Its purpose is to reduce the speed, thus reducing the amount of those gases being exhausted. Speed limit has to be obeyed by all drivers, regardless the type of vehicle or engine. But not for long.

According to British newspaper, Daily Express, Austrian government is working on initiative to make an exception for electric cars. In other words, those cars could still drive over the temporary speed limit and up to 130 kilometers per hour. This would be then case all over Austria. No such suggestion, that would prefer electric cars over ICE-driven ones has so far been implemented.

This whole idea however, has quite a bit of sense, at least on the first glance. It is a fact, that electric cars will, once driving faster only consume more electricity, without producing any toxic gasses. With more and more electricity being produced with environmentally means, they are only going to get cleaner and cleaner.

The exception for electric vehicles in the IG-L-Hundred is an advantage that we want to give owners of e-vehicles to internal combustion engines. In the future, you can drive with an electric vehicle in an IG-L-Hundred zone at 130 km/h. This applies to a distance of 440 kilometers in total,” commented on the new plan Federal Minister Köstinger. This suggestion is very welcoming for Austria, which is actually facing a declining interest in electric cars.

Nov. 1, 2018 Driving photo: Asfinag

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