Production version to be expected in two years time.

What do we know about BMW’s iNEXT electric vehicle? Up until now, BMW has been quite mysterious about the car that is still in prototype phase. We only know it is going to be an electric SUV or SAV according BMW, where A stands for activity and that it is going to be BMW’s technology flagship. Nevertheless, there is more to it so far. In fact, much more.

While Germans have been quiet about it for a while, they have now released the statement, that the car has entered a crucial phase of winter testing. To do that, BMW has brought it to its ‘camp’ in Arjeplog, where they are about to focus on how car reacts and works in such extreme condition, mostly chassis and suspension components, but also battery packs, which could get effected by low temperatures.

They are performing mentioned tests on nearby frozen lakes, which poses an additional challenge to the car’s eDrive energy management system, DSC and four-wheel drive system due to its minimal friction and therefore loose traction. On the other hand, mentioned surface also enables engineers to test those systems at relatively low speeds.

BMW’s concept – which could also be an ix3, presented in the middle of 2018 – should hit the production in about two years so there is still some time for tests. BMW is going to build it in Dingolfing from 2021 onward.


Feb. 5, 2019 Driving photo: BMW

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