On the other hand, BMW is not rejecting the possibility of making an electric M car.


BMW has recently made a big fuzz, when they have presented (among other novelties) a concept of an electrified sports car, the Vision M Next Concept, which on the outside looked quite familiar. In fact, its looks was for sure based on the i8, a hybrid coupe, which is nearing the end of its production run. A lot of us thus though, that it is presenting its successor, which is also going to be more powerful and thus more capable. We were wrong.

In fact, neither the i8, nor the fully electric i3 are going to get a direct replacement. This has recently in an interview for Australia’s car webzine Carsales, been revealed by no other than Klaus Frölich, BMW’s director of development. In fact, it looks like, both cars are, while they made a huge impact to the world of e-mobility, destined to go archives, leaving space for newer electric or hybrid-only models to come.

Still, thing are not bad at all. While Vision M Next Concept might not become an i8’s successor, it does not mean, it will not become a reality in some other form. In fact, Frölich has just confirmed the opposite: that they plan to make a production version within the next three years. Let just hope, it will stay similar to the original concept, presented in June. As far as the i3 goes, we can only imagine, that Vision iNEXT-based car is going to be the one to take the spot in the compact department.

July 6, 2019 Driving photo: BMW

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