Year-on-year sale of plug-in hybrids rose for 173 percent.

A few days ago Jato Dynamics presented part of an analysis of the sale of new cars in Europe in 2019, which shows that CO2 emissions continue to grow among new cars. This trend could, however, be radically changed and turned down this year, at least in so far as the sale of new cars takes place over the rest of the year, as it did in January.
One way to reduce emissions is, of course, to buy electric cars, or at least electrified cars, or hybrids of all kinds. These could, in the years to come, further help to gradually switch from internal combustion cars to electric cars, which customers are aware of, given the wider supply on the market.
The sale of new vehicles in Europe fell sharply in January after a successful December. In fact, over the whole month 1,14 million new cars were sold, 7,6% less than during the same period last year, when 1,23 million new cars were sold. However, while 17% less diesel was sold on the one hand and 12% less petrol cars, sales of electric cars increased by 72%. If 87,100 electrified cars were sold as early as last year,this figure has increased to 150,100 vehicles and the market share to 13,3%.
Although the largest proportion was added to the growth by plug-ins. Their share increased by 173%; in the meantime, the proportion of electric cars increased by 91%. Also interesting is the proportion of electrified vehicles sold by brand name. For example, 96% of Smart cars were equipped with an electrified drive train, but only a fraction less (95%) from Lexus; third is Toyota with 66 percents. The best-selling electric car was sold with 9,522 Renault Zoe units, among hybrid coupling hybrids with 3,094 Mitsubishi Outlander specimens, with 13,500 customers convincing Toyota Corolla of the classic hybrids.

March 9, 2020 Driving photo: Jure Šujica

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