Citroën has introduced E-Mehari, a modern electrified version of an icon from its past - the Citroën Mehari from 1968. This electric car featuring an attractively simple design will begin selling next year.


As claimed by the Citroën, E-Mehari will be much more than merely an updated version of the original Mehari which, on the one hand, was a popular leisure-time beach-cruiser, and on the other hand, has also been a favoured choice of French peasants and soldiers due to its simple, but reliable design. Above all, the modern E-Mehari is a fun, lively and stylishly designed four-seater cabriolet for the people who seek alternatives with a positive attitude, and a thing for fashion trends and the environment.

Attractively unusual forms of the plastic body that follow the same design as the C-Cactus are enhanced by the 4-colour scheme - blue, orange, yellow and beige - in combination with a black or orange roof colour. The buyers can choose between two colour schemes for the interior, as well: natural beige or high-tech orange-red combination with the central pattern influenced by water sports. The interior is made from plastic coated fabric which is fully waterproof and may be washed using a water-jet. Also, the E-Mehari's chassis is fairly raised from the ground setting out its all-terrain character which is additionally emphasized by the black protective plastic parts on the body components. The passengers can retract only a part or the entire roof which folds into the sides of the car.

The fully electric powertrain is the result of fruitful cooperation with the Bolloré group which, above all, contributed lithium-metal-polymer batteries with the capacity of 30 kWh with high energy density, enabling a range of 200 km with speeds of up to 110 km/h which are made possible by the 35-kW electric motor. It takes 8 hours on a 16-A public charging stations and 13 hours on a 10-A domestic socket to fully recharge the batteries.

Citroën is showing E-Mehari as part of the COP 21 conference in Paris, and will deliver it to the first buyers in France the next spring.

Dec. 11, 2015 Driving photo: PSA Peugeot Citroën

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