14 Auris Tourings Hybrids have been handed to city officials, making them green and usefull.

German cities are slowly but surely going carbon-free and Köln is one of those, that can be an example to look for. Bike sharing and limited-access areas for ICE-driven cars are just a few actions that have been made in recent years. And it is not only about actions, residents and visitors of the cities must look for. City officials have also made steps of their own and are now also using hybrid vehicle.

Two days ago, in Thursday, office of Public orders have received 14 brand new hybrid Toyota Auris Touring Sports. All of the cars have been equipped with same power plants that produce a system output of 100 kilowatts. What is more important is the fact, that single car only consumes 4,3 liters of petrol on 100 kilometers thus only producing 99 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

"As a company with a German headquarters in Cologne, we are particularly pleased that the newly established Toyota Authorities Service was able to prevail in a Europe-wide tender. With our self-loading hybrid vehicles they have the highest efficiency and can drive up to 70 percent of the time without an internal combustion engine, "says Alain Uyttenhoven, President Toyota Germany.

Jan. 12, 2019 Driving photo: Toyota

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