DS Automobiles presented DS X E-Tense, the concept of a sports car for the future, which has the possibility of autonomous driving, but is more than that focused on the driver and his pleasure in the drive, whether it be normal road drive or racing. It should arrive to the roads somewhere around the year 2035.

Given that this is a car of a quite distant future, it is difficult to expect anything else as a group of electric motors under the bodywork. And DS engineers did not set a limit on this. Although only two positioned inside the front wheels of the car will be used to power the car, they will generate a respectful combined power of 400 kilowatts in the road mode, and the number is expected to rise to about 1,000 kilowatts in the circuit mode. That will be quite immense power , but engineers also added the technology needed to tame such power - the appropriate suspension, chassis and brakes already exist at present as DS is already using them at the Formula E championship.

The sporty nature DS X E-Tense is also indicated by its bodywork. The concept can seat two passengers in an asymmetrical configuration. The driver's seat and the working environment are moved to the center of the car, while the passenger seats slightly more to the back of the car, almost above the rear axle. In contrast to the driver, he also received a safety loop. The grille is, on the other hand, moved from the centre position to the driver's side of the car. The entire cabin is designed as a cocoon in which passengers enter through the lifting door, and the dome roof protects them from external influences.

Although it is essentially a sports car, DS X E-Tense will also have a possibility of a completely autonomous ride. The driver will be also able to voice control the car via personal assistant, IRIS, which will take care of the autonomous drive and will be embodied by a hologram.

April 27, 2018 Driving photo: DS Automobiles

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