If the statistics is right the electric and olug-in vehicles numbers are constantlc on the rise with shining example Norway with sales up 61% and the market share at 30%.


European Union

Sales were up 21% Year-on-year, a positive result that can only improve with the recent incentives approval in Germany.

The all-electric Renault Zoe ended the month in First Position, boosted by strong sales in several markets, followed by the plug-in hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, down 17%, still suffering from weak results in Sweden and The Netherlands, while the Nissan Leaf benefits from the 30kWh version to reach the Third Position.


Sales have slowed down in April, with prospective buyers waiting for the incentives scheme to kick in before purchasing.

Looking at the models ranking, if the Renault Zoe leadership is not surprising anymore, the runner-up position of the VW Passat GTE is, relegating the BMW i3 to Third Place, if only by one unit.

United Kingdom

The latest fiscal changes motivated a sales peak last month, with registrations up 36%.

The usual two major driving forces, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and Nissan Leaf, continue to lose share, with new players, like the #3 VW Golf GTE or #4 Tesla Model S, picking up pace.


The French plug-in market continues in good health, with sales up 31% regarding the same month last year.

The Renault Zoe had an off month, down 21%, but the headline was the performance (492 units) of the Second Placed Nissan Leaf, more than compensating for the loss of the French hatch.


There seems to be no end to the growing trend in Norway, with sales up 61% and the market share at 30%(!).

Recently, a seismic move has happened in the market, with plug-in hybrids winning the leading role and taking over the first positions, pushing the usual best seller VW e-Golf out of the podium, to the benefit of its plug-in hybrid brethren, the VW Golf GTE, registering a record 602 units, followed by the Nissan Leaf, benefitting from a boost in sales, thanks the 30kWh version, while in Third we have another plug-in hybrid, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

June 4, 2016 Driving photo: Renault

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