Plug-in vehicles sales are slowing down in the EU, last month sales dropped 4% year-on-year, with the Volkswagen Passat GTE surging to Third Place, its first podium seat ever, surpassing the Nissan Leaf, which was down 30%.

The Renault Zoe was the Best Seller in July, managing to end in front of the Outlander PHEV, that once again dropped significantly (38%).


Sales were down 9% YoY, with the Renault Zoe in command, thanks to 301 units, its best result of the year, followed by the Volkswagen e-Golf and BMW i3, which had its first 33kWh units delivered this month, we expect the BMW hatch to lead the ranking soon, as more units of the new 33kWh version are delivered.

United Kingdom

This market still dances to the tune of the Outlander PHEV, but the Japanese SUV importance has been dwindling, with its sales dropping in a growing (+12%) market.

The Mercedes C350e has been closing the distance and could surpass the Mitsubishi product in the coming months, something that the Tesla Model S has already made in the BEV front, beating the Nissan Leaf to the all-electric leadership.


The French plug-in market is down 11% year-on-year, dragged by an off month of the usual Best Sellers, despite this unexpected drop, the EV Market share is at 1.7%, the highest among the big auto markets in Europe.

Still, the Renault–Nissan Alliance sold enough units to have the podium all to itself, with the Renault Zoe and Kangoo ZE doing a 1-2 for Renault and the Nissan Leaf ending in Third.


Norway is increasingly PHEV territory, for the first time ever, the Top 3 positions in July belonged to plug-in hybrids, with the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV ending ahead of two VW's, the Golf GTE and the Passat GTE.

In an automotive market where plug-ins have 29% of the market, if we were to break down sales by fuel source, the top 2 places would be for plug-ins (Outlander PHEV and Golf GTE), with the Passat GTE ending in Fourth, below the Skoda Octavia.

Aug. 29, 2016 Driving photo: Renault

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