The European Commission has announced a plan, with which it will try to prepare European states to produce EV batteries on a mass scale.

Today Chinese and Korean companies are at the forefront of battery development and mass production, with US catching them with fast pace, which is mostly achieved thanks to Tesla' Gigafactory in Nevada, but Europeans are more or less staying behind.

Now it is about to change. European Commission announced a Battery Action Plan, which will help EU countries to "establish competitive, innovative and sustainable battery manufacturing projects." Plan follows the establishment of the European Battery Alliance, which was announced last October and plans to provide training, support and cooperation for battery scientists and to secure access to necessary materials for battery production from non-European countries.

European Commission also plans to build a consortium of vehicle and technology producers, which will be aimed for development and production of electric vehicle batteries in the future.

May 21, 2018 Driving photo: Opel

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