Negotiations are on their way.

The Volkswagen Group is regarded as the European car company, which pays the greatest attention to the development of electric cars and, consequently, also applies to the biggest thorn in the fifth American company Tesla. With the much larger budget at its disposal, their development is much faster, and their influence and power will now, as all things seem, begin to expand through integration. It seems that, in particular, the Audi and Porsche have already looked at the idea of connecting with other brands.This will not, however, be about bringing together companies, but about jointly developing vehicle power platforms in the future.

The interest in this type of cooperation, which, after all, could increase the production numbers of components, thereby reducing the cost of production of components and cars also. The quantities of these alone are still quite negligible compared to classic cars. Moreover, such cooperation should be particularly interesting for smaller brands than McLaren, Aston Martin and also Maserati. The latter's leadership presented its plan for the electric future just days ago.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen has already started cooperation with Ford, to which they will supply electric platforms for all mass-produced cars in Europe. In addition, they recently presented his first electric-only car, ID.3, which announced the arrival of a new series of electric cars and; in the long term, the plan for id.3 is to replace the Golf. Porsche and Audi, on the other hand, have also presented each of their electrical representatives in somewhat prestigious class over the last year, a Porsche Taycan limo and an Audi e-tron hybrid. In the meantime, new models are already in preparation, and this proves that the whole group can be a strong partner to many otherwise competitive brands in this area.

Oct. 8, 2019 Driving photo: Porsche

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