It is going to be build along Citroen Jumper and Peugeot Boxer.

Electric vans are becoming a thing of the present. But if the manufacturers at first focused on smaller vans, now the ones with the larger dimensions are also slowly getting electrical drives. One of the first in this area was Volkswagen and its subsidiary Man, which together developed electric Crafter and eTGE, which we had already driven in Berlin last year. However, both trucks (including electric Mercedes-Benz Sprint) are now getting competition with Fiat's badge on their nose.

The Italian car manufacturer is preparing its first fully electric delivery car in Fiat Professional line-up, with regard to the fact that it is the best-selling car in this segment in Europe, it is reasonable to expect that there are already some buyers, waiting for it to get on the market. They will be able to place orders for it at the end of the year, while the first vehicles will hit the road somewhere in 2020 – when exactly Fiat is not yet revealing.

However, Fiat revealed limited technical data but, fortunately, they are somewhat more eloquent in this area with the other two partners with whom Fiat produces such vans, namely Peugeot and Citroen. The latter also announced the production of electric boxers and jumpers weeks ago, revealing that the range of vehicles would be around 225 kilometres – but only according to the NEDC standard, which is why the number should be taken with a significant reserve. However, all vehicles will be built in one factory, that is the Italian plant at Val di Sangro, where the partner of the PSA Group, BD Auto, operates.

June 15, 2019 Driving photo: Fiat

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