Only little moretime until beginning.

There is no doubt, that the upcomming season of Formula E is going to be the most spectacular one yet. After all, two important names from automotive world with respectable racing heritage are about to enter in season six, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. And while we are still waitning for the start, we have now been given an officially confirmed calendar of the season with the first race, like last year, being held by Saudi Arabia.

Quite a few changes have been, however, made to previous calendar. For intance, there is a race in Jakarta, Indonesia, there is even a race in Morrocco. Thanks to that, Formula E will now be held on five continents with only Antarctica an Australia missing from the calendar. Regardless to that, number of races in one season will reamin the same and that is 14.

round city country Datum
1 Ad Diriyah Saudi Arabia 22. November 2019
2 Ad Diriyah Saudi Arabia 23. November 2019
3 Santiago* Chile 18.January 2019
4 Mexico City Mexico 15. February  2020
5 Marrakesh Morocco 29. February 2020
6 Sanya China 21. March 2020
7 Rome Italy 4. April 2020
8 Paris France 18. April 2020
9 Seoul South Korea 3. May 2020
10 Jakarta* Indonesia 6. June 2020
11 Berlin Germany 21. June 2020
12 New York ZDA 11. July 2020
13 London Great Britain 25. July 2020
14 London Great Britain 26. July 2020

*Subject to FIA circuit homologation

"The 2019/20 ABB FIA Formula E Championship looks like it’ll be the closest and most unpredictable season we’ve ever had in our short history - in terms of manufacturers competing, thanks to Mercedes-Benz and Porsche joining, and with the amount of incredible capital cities set to showcase the most competitive line-up in motorsport. We’re proud to be taking our mission and message of racing for a cleaner future, faster, to five continents around the world and look forward to more fans and families enjoying all we have to offer at our events. Let’s see how the teams hit the ground running at pre-season testing in only a couple of weeks. Season six is well and truly upon us," said Alberto Longo, ciiunder of the series.

Oct. 4, 2019 Driving photo: FIA

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