There are even more new things, comming in action with 2019-2020 season

The Formula E series is slowly but surely gaining recognition and is looking forward to a  step forward in the coming year, with two German car giants, Mercedes-benz and Porsche joining the series. That's not the only news that's coming up. In fact, there is a new racing calendar coming up next year, which will be even more extensive than this year, as there are two new races coming to the calendar in Europe and Asia.

As can be seen from the calendar approved in Paris yesterday by representatives of the FIA Motorsport Association, the next year of the formula E series will also be hosted in London – something that was said a while ago – and Seoul. The South Korean race will be on in May, while London race, being interesting due to partially covered track is going to be held in July, which also means that the double race will be the end of the season there. Otherwise, the season will begin just like the current one in the Arabian Ad Diriyah, only now, as in London, there will be two races running in a row.

However, the two top innovations are far from the only ones that Fia is preparing in the coming season. Second generation drivers – these will be in service for at least three years, so at least until the end of the eighth season-will receive an additional 10 kilowatts of power from 2019-2020. Their power will therefore be 235 kilowatts instead of the existing 225. At the same time, every time a safety car is on the track, or the yellow flag will be in throughout the course, it will take away a kilowatt hour of electricity, thereby preventing tactics and slow driving and, consequently, saving electricity.

Alberto Longo, Co-Founder & Deputy CEO of Formula E, said: “Next season promises to be the most exciting and eagerly-anticipated in the short history of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship. More races and new faces, with the incredible new additions of Seoul and London, as well as the inclusion of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. Looking at the list of cities and capitals backing Formula E and the electric movement, it’s the longest and most comprehensive calendar to date. Alongside the tweaks made to the sporting regulations, the racing has the potential to be even more intense and unpredictable than ever. We have three rounds remaining this season and a title fight that’s wide open, but I already can’t wait to get started again in Ad Diriyah in November.”

June 15, 2019 Driving photo: Fia

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