BMW i8 Coupe Formula E Safety Car will have a new livery, starting from the Mexico City E Prix, which takes place this weekend.

The new livery will underline the close relationship between BMW i8 Coupe and BMW iFE.18 race cars. Safety car will namely take a guise of the race car and was conceived by Michael Scully, head of design at BMW Motorsport. Like the race cars also the aesthetics of the BMW i8 Coupe was inspired by the urban context of the Formula E championship, in which spectators come closer to the track and the racers than  at any other circuits.

BMW i has been in close cooperation with Formula E from the beginning, when they also introduced BMW i8 Copupe safety car. It is not exactly production car, because it was modified with many BMW M elements from car racing to be able to cope with the demands of car races.

Feb. 15, 2019 Driving photo: BMW

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