It may happen to other races too.


The outbreak of coronavirus has brought paralysis to entire world, in virtually all areas, and even though it may have seemed at the beginning that the problem would pass within a few days or weeks, it is clear that the situation is getting worse every day. Organizers of Formula E are thus well aware, that competition is in danger, because it takes place inside the cities and in densely-populated areas, which means greater danger for virus to spread.
Caution, on the other hand, also means a little more long-term foresight, and that is precisely why the organisers of the Formula E race in Jakarta decided to cancel the race, which was otherwise scheduled to be on the sixth day of June this year. As reported in the press release to make the move, adopted by consensus between the mayor of the city,  Aniesom Baswedanom, organizational committee of the contest, the FIA, Ikatan Motor Indonesia, and the organizational cometee.

"With the growing number of COVID-19 cases in countries where Formula E currently has events scheduled to be held, we are evaluating contingency plans to lessen the potential impact of coronavirus and maintain the highest possible number of races on the calendar for season six," said Co-Founder of Formula E Alberto Longo. "It is a fluid situation, developing on a daily basis and we remain realistic and flexible in our approach to alternative options, which will be communicated in due course. These include adding double-headers to existing events, using permanent facilities and racing behind closed doors if necessary and advised to do so by local authorities in any given location."
Although there will therefore be no race in Jakarta at the beginning of June, its implementation is still not cancelled. The abovementioned authorities, as already indicated by Longo, will continue to monitor the situation and, as far as possible in time and logistic terms and if the conditions (epidemic control) permit, will carry out the race at a later date.

March 12, 2020 Driving photo: FIA

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