Prodrive, the British motorsport and advanced technology business, developed a folding bike that weighs less than you might imagine.


Hummingbird it is called and weighs only 6.7 kilograms, making it much lighter than other exisiting folding bikes that normally weigh at least 12 kilograms.

Making it so light are the carbon frame, carbon forks and seat post. Hummingbird was also given a simple folding mechanism in which the trailing arm pivots around the crank, making sure the chain always remains in tension, even when fully folded. 

Hummingbird was designed by a London-based designer and avid cyclist Petre Craciun, who believed that existing folding bikes were heavy to carry around as well as quite unattractive to look at, so he decided to design his own. The bike was developed by Prodrive Composites, the same company that will also manufacture it. The first test bikes will be produced in October, while production bikes aren't expected to go on sale until early next year.

Sept. 23, 2016 Driving photo: Prodrive

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